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The Justice for Punters’ website will reach its 6th birthday on March 1st 2022, so we have built up a big library of blogs about all things gambling.

Some are very recent, so hopefully accurate to the best of our knowledge, but it does need to be kept in mind that some were written a long time ago, so may contain some outdated information and broken links – we apologise for this, but as a voluntary project with no income, we don’t have the staff to maintain and update our blogs on a regular basis.

Many gambling topics have been covered, hopefully some will be of interest and some may help you understand how the UK regulated gambling industry trades.  Below are many from January 2019 onwards, You can access all these from before 2019 by clicking on the ‘Archives’ menu on the right hand side of this page.

Happy reading!


A new era for J4P

The benefits of a new era of transparency and improved data use

Amarjeet Singh Dhir v Flutter Entertainment PLC

‘Safer Gambling Week’: Messaging is incomplete

The present gambling debate is like kids in a playground

Reading and listening is essential, but not enough

Consumers with few rights; it’s not right

Not turning up in sport is despicable

Lies and a lack of transparency will ruin the Gambling Act review

Informed choice should replace the Gambling Act review

That was the week that was


Subject access request – have you been exploited?

Review of gambling industry’s voluntary ‘whistle-to-whistle’ (W2W) advertising restrictions

Not been the best in class in the past

Did somebody really sit and watch?

When you fall help should be there

MoPlay/Betfred deal

Passion isn’t prohibition

The strange case of four corners and a guide dog

Hand sanitisers to lead the fight against gambling harm

Fancy some horse racing bets before the virtual Grand National?

A New World of Bookmaking

2020: Gambling as entertainment is a ‘sod’ to market

It’s never good to get all your own way

If you’re not balanced you’ll fall over

End of year report: It’s time for proper change or the future isn’t bright

The gambling industry isn’t the victim

I was there at the APPG’s ‘kangaroo court’

Corporate philanthropy

To win gambling in the UK you need to cheat

Dealing with the myth of problem gambling

Twitter poll on private data deletion

Bet24-7 finds Bet24-7 not guilty

“The only reason any of us know about this bet is because it won”

Losing money gambling or paying a gambling related subscription?

The Grand National betting saga

Silence, denial and bullshit will no longer ‘cut-it’

Racing in need of leadership as Irish replays disappear

They don’t like it up ’em Captain Mainwaring!

Another reminder that you can access all our blogs from before January 2019 by clicking on the ‘Archives’ menu on the right hand side of this page.








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