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(NB: Google will usually provide this information. If not use:

If you prefer to use email most gambling websites provide an email address for all types of data enquiries, including the provision of a subject access request within their ‘Privacy Policy’ section on their website.

Dear Data Protection Officer,

Re:      Subject Access Request for personal data held by enter name of company or website address relating to account username enter username

I am requesting this SAR to enable me to establish the full extent of the data and information held about me (enter name) by enter name of company and who this information has been shared with. As you are aware enter name of company are required to provide the information to me within (a calendar month or 40 days in Ireland) of receiving my request.

This request includes, but is not solely limited to:

  1. Data held from the date my account was opened to the current.
  2. All electronically and clerically held data.
  3. Details of all transactions including deposits, withdrawals, bets placed, including freebets.
  4. (if applicable) All correspondence between myself and enter name of company VIP team.
  5. Data held by enter name of company that does not specifically relate to my enter name of company account (for example [but not restricted to] – activity on other gambling company websites).
  6. Details of all organisations (e.g. Iovation, Threatmetrix, credit rating services) enter name of company has shared my personal data with and the reasons for doing so. NB: I’m aware that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has ruled that device data held by Iovation, e.g. IP address, device identifier, geographical location etc., becomes personal data when it is combined with personal data that a company holds about the person who uses the said device, so must be provided.
  7. Contact details of all the organisations enter name of company has shared my personal data with.

I look forward to receiving all the information requested within the legally specified period of time of you receiving this letter.

Yours faithfully,


Enter your name and username

NB: If you send a lletter it should be sent by recorded delivery to either the registered or head office of the company concerned.These addresses can be found using Google. Do not accept no for an answer, you are within your rights to receive all that is requested in the text.  You may wish to send this as an email instead, but try to resist this temptation.


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