If you play on gambling machines; please do read this.  You may stop, unless you have an addiction issue?  If it is the latter, please do seek help: Source: playerinfo.pdf

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Bonuses in the spotlight in ASA rulings |

Rulings from the Advertising Standards Authority against Ladbrokes and NetBet have once again seen bonusing and free-bet marketing strategies attract censure from advertising watchdog. When will proper action be taken. The industry is taking the mickey.  The regulators need to start fining all concerned; big fines. Source: Bonuses in the spotlight in ASA rulings |…

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Have you ever felt the ‘buzz’?

Panorama on Monday evening showed that opinion is split on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).  Post programme coverage seems to suggest that well over 90% of people have major concerns about them and fewer than 10% don’t.  We are leaving the EU based on a majority of 4%, yet we continue to allow easy access…

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