A new era for J4P

Justice for Punters (J4P) is delighted to announce the launch of two new gambling dispute self-help guides ( This is a major piece of work, which reflects 6-7 years of our voluntary work.  J4P hopes both guides are useful.  They will hopefully enable people to understand their rights, thus helping them to fight for justice….

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The benefits of a new era of transparency and improved data use

“A new era of transparency and improved data use, will produce a more sustainable, fairer and safer industry, thus benefitting all.” The challenge isn’t what we need, it’s how it’s developed and implemented, in order to allow those who bet within their means to bet without undue intrusion, whilst importantly, protecting those with a gambling…

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Review of gambling industry’s voluntary ‘whistle-to-whistle’ (W2W) advertising restrictions

Published by the ‘Betting and Gaming Council’ (BGC) Data collected and provided by the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) Data described and limited analysis undertaken by Enders Analysis Commentary provided by the BGC Link to full report: What follows is a review of this report by ‘Justice for Punters’ (J4P), including the methodology, data…

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Corporate philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy often called corporate social responsibility (CSR) is hitting the headlines in the gambling world. Why gambling companies are now rushing to partner with charities and not-for-profit organisations is not difficult to understand.  After many years of being able to keep the ‘darker side’ of how the modern corporate gambling industry trades the ‘genie…

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To win gambling in the UK you need to cheat

Cheat, noun: “A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.” The recent BBC programme ‘Can you beat the bookies’ ( has thrown the spotlight on the modern gambling industry again. No doubt many discussions in pubs and clubs following the broadcast of this programme will have focussed on ‘courtsiding’.  Huge numbers of…

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Why not pick on vacuum cleaners?

The ‘Association for the Betterment of Bookies’ (AFTBOB) in their latest defence of fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) has claimed that modern vacuum cleaners (vacs) should face the same scrutiny. An AFTBOB spokesperson said, “Modern vacs have a cocaine like effect on the brain; you never saw this with a Hoover. These modern machines have no…

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News you’re unlikely to hear

Injured Jockeys Fund may benefit from Oddschecker & Racing Post donations Following the ‘Competition and Markets Authority’ announcement on Friday ‘Justice for Punters’ was contacted by ‘Oddschecker’ and the ‘Racing Post’, because they were very, very concerned:  They wanted to make it clear that they disapproved of what bookmakers were claimed to have been doing….

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Should ‘idiots’ be allowed to comment on racing?

Me: “These owners, refusing to provide a product for others to make money on. Scandal.” Response: “Always one idiot.” Albeit an ‘idiot’ I’ve shown an interest in National Hunt racing for over four decades.  It would seem unlikely that an ‘idiot’ would be able to make any constructive suggestions concerning the lack of entries this…

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Man steals jeans after being too afraid to admit bookies splurge to girlfriend – Newmarket Journal

A different way to lose your pants at the bookies A man stole a pair of jeans from a shop in Newmarket after being too afraid to admit to his girlfriend he had buy cialis online spend her money intended for the garment in a bookies. Source: Man steals jeans after being too afraid to…

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C4 ‘Morning Line’ blooper

A Channel 4 ‘Morning Line’ presenter fears for their job today after being caught off camera swearing about the closure of Uncle Rupert’s account with FreedomBet. The presenter thought the programme was off air, but 45 of the 55 remaining viewers have filed a complaint about the language used. Read more:  

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Bookies desperate for first aid training in schools

An anonymous spokesperson has told us that off course bookmakers were gutted when the private bill that aimed to introduce first aid training into schools was ‘talked-out’ yesterday. Apparently, over the next few years off course bookies are going to introduce new games on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) that are so exciting (no…

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