A New World of Bookmaking

The trilby is perched, braces hoist trousers above the waists of the mostly stout framed bookies. There’s a ciggie on the go in the corner of the mouth which leaves enough space to talk if required. Its race day. A bookmaker is the one who writes up your bet, sets the odds and pays the…

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I was there at the APPG’s ‘kangaroo court’

I chose this blog title from many possibilities, because some of the ‘bookie social media crowd’ were calling it this. Of course none of these people attended the meeting unlike many who paid their own costs to be there despite having little money to do so due to gambling losses.  This is to be expected…

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Twitter poll on private data deletion

If a bookie restricts your account, which choice is most commonly quoted for the retention of your data due to UK law & regulation?   Answers: 10% 3 years 24% 5 years 36% 7 years 30% 10 years Thank you to everyone who voted on this important topic. J4P’s experience is 5 years, but the…

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The growing disconnect between Racing Queensland and punters | FAIR WAGERING AUSTRALIA

I wrote to Racing Queensland (RQ) CEO Dr. Eliot Forbes when he was CEO of Tasmanian Racing and asked him what he thought of introducing a minimum bet limit in Tasmania. I was surprised but apprecia… Source: The growing disconnect between Racing Queensland and punters | FAIR WAGERING AUSTRALIA This guy always writes constructively and…

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How bookmakers track your every move & how to get around it (from an industry insider). – Daily25 Betting Blog

The following article is written by a guest contributor. He works at one of Australia’s biggest bookmakers but does love his job so wishes to remain anonymous. Being one of many sportsbook insiders I converse… Source: How bookmakers track your every move & how to get around it (from an industry insider). – Daily25 Betting…

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Bookies defend stringent identity checks over paying out winning punters | Sport | The Guardian

A consumer rights campaigner has urged the Gambling Commission to investigate. ‘Justice for Punters’ is now getting regular coverage from mainsteam media, including the BBC and the Guardian to name just two.  It can only help in the fight for gambling to be ‘fair and open’. Source: Bookies defend stringent identity checks over paying out…

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If you play on gambling machines; please do read this.  You may stop, unless you have an addiction issue?  If it is the latter, please do seek help: Source: playerinfo.pdf

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Bonuses in the spotlight in ASA rulings |

Rulings from the Advertising Standards Authority against Ladbrokes and NetBet have once again seen bonusing and free-bet marketing strategies attract censure from advertising watchdog. When will proper action be taken. The industry is taking the mickey.  The regulators need to start fining all concerned; big fines. Source: Bonuses in the spotlight in ASA rulings |…

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BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, Miracle movies, Gamblers’ rights, WeRe Bank

“Gamblers’ rights” BBC Radio 4, ‘You and Yours’ consumer programme, features ‘Justice for Punters’ again.  This time they discuss unfair terms and conditions used by bookmakers, which infringe the Consumer Act (2015).  These unfair T&Cs are used to stop people having a bet, if they are deemed good at gambling and even refusing to pay…

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The street where £2.8MILLION was lost in a year on ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ machines – Mirror Online

This £2.8 million was taken out of this community and similar amounts are being taken from yours.  This money could benefit your community and businesses, but it’s going into the pockets of large corporations. Hounslow High Street in London has 11 bookmakers and 44 fixed odds betting machines in a small area – and other cities…

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Always cheating!

Tarakkom was returned an sp of 66/1, yet no bookmaker showed this as their last show.Everyone had 100/1. #theycanthelpthemselvesfromcheating — Eddie Bennett (@sergeant_cecil) January 11, 2016 (click on green text)

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