‘Safer Gambling Week’: Messaging is incomplete

This Monday started a mass of publicity about ‘safer gambling’. To use one of the favourite words of the Betting and Gaming Council and others, surely it can only be the “prohibitionists” who don’t love it. J4P needs to be careful, because a well informed individual who we respect trawled back through our Twitter timeline…

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Consumers with few rights; it’s not right

Gambling consumers are not regarded or treated as such. Historical attitudes relating to gambling and ‘the gambler’ reveal many negative stories.  These narratives are perfect for the relatively new gambling corporations. Gambling corporations market their industry as entertainment.  They also strongly promote that they provide income, not just for governments, but for other industries, sports…

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Not turning up in sport is despicable

For all of you who’ve played competitive team sports there’s little worse than having a colleague who doesn’t turn up. We’ve all had teammates who’ve had convenient injuries, e.g. in my case, it was whenever my rugby league team was drawn away in the Yorkshire cup at a local Castleford side. It was inevitable; the…

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