News you’re unlikely to hear

Injured Jockeys Fund may benefit from Oddschecker & Racing Post donations

Following the ‘Competition and Markets Authority’ announcement on Friday ‘Justice for Punters’ was contacted by ‘Oddschecker’ and the ‘Racing Post’, because they were very, very concerned:  They wanted to make it clear that they disapproved of what bookmakers were claimed to have been doing.

Our volunteer asked Leonard Post, better known as ‘Lampie’ by colleagues at the Post, what he wanted us to announce on our website and email to our members; it was as follows, “If any companies are found guilty and we are affiliates for them we will donate all our affiliate income generated by those companies to the ‘Injured Jockey’s Fund’, because we do not want to be associated with income that was generated by sign-up sports offers or other casino offers that involved unfair T&Cs.”

The statement by a Mr D Oddy from ‘Oddschecker’ was even stronger. He said, “We will match anything the ‘Racing Post’ does and ban any of the companies from advertising on our website in the future.”

Well there you have it, but you’re unlikely to hear or read it.