Bet24-7 finds Bet24-7 not guilty

The Bet24-7 social responsibility team confirmed today, following a 4-week internal investigation, that they are not guilty of social responsibility failings. Their internal investigation found there were no failings in their social responsibility processes despite evidence that their customer Mr PY Together had 120 failed deposits on 11 different debit cards, 422 reverse withdrawals, and…

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Silence, denial and bullshit will no longer ‘cut-it’

Like many people I like to gamble for entertainment.  In my opinion gambling should be legal in a modern democracy, but legalisation comes with huge responsibilities for those providing gambling services. Nobody can deny that the UK gambling industry has been a fantastic success since its liberalisation in 2005 when it’s judged simply on expansion…

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Is it best to win a war or to avoid one?

Emotive language to get the reader interested, but very relevant to the modern gambling world… read on. This job description for a major gambling company appeared over a week ago: “What will you be doing?  Prohibiting Bonus Hunters from abusing promotions. Ensuring registrations are clean from multiple accounts and fake accounts. Liaising with the Fraud…

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Another meeting at the Gambling Commission

The primary objective of our latest meeting at the Gambling Commission (GC) was to find out what may happen after the imminent departure of Sarah Harrison their CEO.  We had major worries; we were meeting with Sarah and other senior staff. We’re pleased to report that it’s unlikely that much is going to change; in…

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Fixed odds betting terminals & the BBC

If you didn’t watch a recent BBC series called ‘Broken’ the following clip is one powerful part of it.  Brilliant writing and acting. Never forget; whilst people are given the chance to lose everything, if this lady had been a good sports punter she would have been banned from betting online and in shop.  It’s…

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Aussies tell the truth about creating a fair betting market

Please listen to this podcast about creating a fair betting market: All the content is interesting, but 5m:58s to 11m:17s is probably the most relevant to the UK and Irish markets. Interestingly Richard feels a national regulator may help the situation in Australia, whereas here in the UK, we know that hasn’t helped at…

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Gambling Commission delivers damning verdict on dispute procedures

This is all great news.  Get complaining and make bookmakers change.  Their treatment of customers at present during dispute processes is awful. Guardian article: Full Gambling Commission report:      

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Bookies’ gambling machines in Medway towns criticised – BBC News

Attempts to reduce gambling addiction in the Medway towns have led to calls for stronger regulation on fixed odds machines. Source: Bookies’ gambling machines in Medway towns criticised – BBC News The conclusions of the review into fixed odds betting terminals will soon be announced.  In the context of this announcement the BBC clip hyperlinked…

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BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, You and Yours special: The UK Gambling Market

You & Yours investigates how punters have few consumer rights in the UK gambling market. Delighted that ‘Justice for Punters’ was involved with the planning and recording of this programme, which highlights how disgusting the practices of large off-course bookmakers are.  As a customer, you either lose, preferably heavily or you will be banned from…

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We were impressed!

This week people involved with ‘Justice for Punters’ met with Sarah Harrison (CEO) and two of her senior colleagues at the ‘Gambling Commission’ (GC) head office in Birmingham. The meeting lasted for 90 minutes; covering a wide range of topics about the present gambling market. The observations put forward by ourselves were primarily based on…

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RORY DELARGY: Positive words from Gambling Commission

Source: RORY DELARGY: Positive words from Gambling Commission You will have your own experiences, but this is a reminder of things that people can tell the Gambling Commission consumer email service about (get complaining – 1. Bookmakers removing promotions like BOG after the event to avoid paying out at the correct odds. 2. Identity…

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Have you ever felt the ‘buzz’?

Panorama on Monday evening showed that opinion is split on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).  Post programme coverage seems to suggest that well over 90% of people have major concerns about them and fewer than 10% don’t.  We are leaving the EU based on a majority of 4%, yet we continue to allow easy access…

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