Bet24-7 finds Bet24-7 not guilty

The Bet24-7 social responsibility team confirmed today, following a 4-week internal investigation, that they are not guilty of social responsibility failings.

Their internal investigation found there were no failings in their social responsibility processes despite evidence that their customer Mr PY Together had 120 failed deposits on 11 different debit cards, 422 reverse withdrawals, and a loss of £104,000 gambling on a combination of Ecuadorian U21 football, Hungarian handball, Indian Premier League Kabadi and the casino slot Leprechaun’s Luck. Mr Together had also been made a VIP the day after his 12th failed deposit.

‘Justice for Punters’ advised Mr Together to send a letter to Bet24-7’s CEO who responded, “I agree with my social responsibility team, there’s nothing to be seen here, although you may wish to seek adjudication from our chosen ADR, namely A-Snake, despite them not being licensed to do this.”

As this was the 82nd time ‘Justice for Punters’ had been copied into similar correspondence it asked Mr Together if they could contact the Gambling Commission (GC) on his behalf.  PY said, “Yes please, I’ve nowhere to turn.”

Following a ‘rapid’ response the GC wrote, “From the 25,000 words of evidence provided it is not clear whether any codes or conditions have been breached.  It is not our role to help vulnerable people in dispute with our licensees, but Mr Together may wish to consider taking Bet24-7 to court.”

Mr Together felt let down, so he asked ‘Justice for Punters’ if they knew a lawyer who worked for nothing, because he hadn’t a ‘pot left to piss in’.  Unsurprisingly, it is rare for a lawyer to work for nothing and ‘Justice for Punters’ doesn’t know one.

Footnote: You might think ‘Justice for Punters’ is ‘taking the piss’, but incredibly this is an accurate representation of how gambling regulation in relation to social responsibility disputes presently works in the UK.