I was there at the APPG’s ‘kangaroo court’

I chose this blog title from many possibilities, because some of the ‘bookie social media crowd’ were calling it this. Of course none of these people attended the meeting unlike many who paid their own costs to be there despite having little money to do so due to gambling losses.  This is to be expected…

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To win gambling in the UK you need to cheat

Cheat, noun: “A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.” The recent BBC programme ‘Can you beat the bookies’ ( has thrown the spotlight on the modern gambling industry again. No doubt many discussions in pubs and clubs following the broadcast of this programme will have focussed on ‘courtsiding’.  Huge numbers of…

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Dealing with the myth of problem gambling

Quite rightly the UK has a legal gambling industry, but it presently has a challenge like no other it has ever faced.  This challenge is ‘hanging over its head’ like a big dark cloud.  Those in the gambling industry who don’t recognise the extent of this danger are doing immense damage to their own industry….

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Bet24-7 finds Bet24-7 not guilty

The Bet24-7 social responsibility team confirmed today, following a 4-week internal investigation, that they are not guilty of social responsibility failings. Their internal investigation found there were no failings in their social responsibility processes despite evidence that their customer Mr PY Together had 120 failed deposits on 11 different debit cards, 422 reverse withdrawals, and…

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The street where £2.8MILLION was lost in a year on ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ machines – Mirror Online

This £2.8 million was taken out of this community and similar amounts are being taken from yours.  This money could benefit your community and businesses, but it’s going into the pockets of large corporations. Hounslow High Street in London has 11 bookmakers and 44 fixed odds betting machines in a small area – and other cities…

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Ban betting machines, David Cameron’s former speech writer CLARE FOGES says | Daily Mail Online

Yesterday, an influential Scottish Parliament committee declared the fiendishly seductive fixed-odds machines to be ‘the crack cocaine of gambling’, writes CLARE FOGES. Source: Ban betting machines, David Cameron’s former speech writer CLARE FOGES says | Daily Mail Online At last a journalist who tells the truth and highlights the dodgy PR and practices that surround…

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