10 things bookmakers do

Source: 10 things bookmakers do (click on link) This is a brilliant article about modern non-bookmaking, i.e. their licence type is inappropriate.  If you have any unrestricted online accounts left, by definition you aren’t very good at gambling.

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C4 ‘Morning Line’ blooper

A Channel 4 ‘Morning Line’ presenter fears for their job today after being caught off camera swearing about the closure of Uncle Rupert’s account with FreedomBet. The presenter thought the programme was off air, but 45 of the 55 remaining viewers have filed a complaint about the language used. Read more:  

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Restrictions affect Horse Bettors Forum member

So I dropped the good people of @BetBright a line about things, and here’s their (very prompt) comedy reply. — Matt Bisogno (@MattBisogno) January 19, 2016 (Click on green text) Sadly Matt we all get these joke replies, because nobody cares and nobody does anything.  Casino operators hiding behind sports betting licences.

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Always cheating!

Tarakkom was returned an sp of 66/1, yet no bookmaker showed this as their last show.Everyone had 100/1. #theycanthelpthemselvesfromcheating — Eddie Bennett (@sergeant_cecil) January 11, 2016 (click on green text)

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The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed. by rethinkgambling | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Source: The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed Gambling addiction causes more suicide as a percentage of addicts than illegal drugs.  Think about this.  Where is all the publicity and where are all the specialist support services?  This is a radio interview, so don’t…

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