The white paper – where next

As predicted in J4P’s previous blog nobody seems happy with the white paper: J4P’s blog was pretty accurate.  If only we were as good at betting, but to be fair J4P had far more inside information on the draft white paper than we do when backing horses, except those of us who own legs…

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The white paper debacle

Will the UK finally see its Gambling Act (2005) review white paper during the week beginning Monday April 24th2023? The excitement being shown by some on social media and in some specialist media seems to suggest, yes.  What is all the excitement about though? As a person who has given my time freely for 7-8…

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Stake restrictions aren’t just for winners

Introduction J4P is convinced the Gambling Act (2005) white paper review won’t deal with affordability.  The ‘rumour mill’ seems to be that affordability will be handed back to the Gambling Commission, despite the Racing Post articles this week hinting otherwise. The Gambling Commission will probably use another consultation to take things forward.  This provides another…

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It couldn’t continue forever 

Following another Gambling Commission fine for Entain (Ladbrokes, Coral et al) this week, it really is time to remind people of the fantasy world some have been living in for over a decade. When the money is rolling-in and a group of humans are benefitting from it, it’s so easy to believe that everything will…

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Affordability – why we are where we are

On 30/06/2022 two of racing’s media behemoths took to Twitter with hugely opposing views on one hot topic: ‘Cards on the table’ from me: Around 7-8 years ago I refused to stand next to my passport photo-page and take a selfie to obtain £40.00 from a gambling company that no longer trades in the UK,…

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Passion isn’t prohibition

Alcohol being poured away during prohibition It’s fair to say that the last few weeks has seen a ramping up of the debate on all sides of the arguments concerning the gambling industry. Some of the debate has been worthwhile, but a fair amount has also been extremely unhelpful, not least some of the…

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A New World of Bookmaking

The trilby is perched, braces hoist trousers above the waists of the mostly stout framed bookies. There’s a ciggie on the go in the corner of the mouth which leaves enough space to talk if required. Its race day. A bookmaker is the one who writes up your bet, sets the odds and pays the…

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Another meeting at the Gambling Commission

The primary objective of our latest meeting at the Gambling Commission (GC) was to find out what may happen after the imminent departure of Sarah Harrison their CEO.  We had major worries; we were meeting with Sarah and other senior staff. We’re pleased to report that it’s unlikely that much is going to change; in…

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How bookmakers track your every move & how to get around it (from an industry insider). – Daily25 Betting Blog

The following article is written by a guest contributor. He works at one of Australia’s biggest bookmakers but does love his job so wishes to remain anonymous. Being one of many sportsbook insiders I converse… Source: How bookmakers track your every move & how to get around it (from an industry insider). – Daily25 Betting…

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