Not been the best in class in the past

Last evening I listened to ‘The Moral Maze’ (podcast here: My learning involved the impression that gambling disorder is all the person’s fault and that large corporations should be allowed to do as they wish, so long as libertarians don’t have their rights of freedom infringed.  Everyone is entitled to their views, but surely…

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Did somebody really sit and watch?

“Tragic gambler who was ‘groomed’ with a bonus: How online casino plied 25-year-old with a £400 booster just hours before he took his own life” In late May this article was published.  To say it caused a bit of rumpus is an understatement. Firstly, it’s very important to praise and respect the bravery of…

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When you fall help should be there

As a number of people, both in and around the gambling industry and others know J4P is struggling with some of the work it is doing, e.g. helping with awful gambling disorder cases and having to keep them private, whilst gambling companies continue to behave badly. J4P hastens to add that this is the right…

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MoPlay/Betfred deal

J4P promised on Twitter about three weeks ago to find out more about this deal and its legality. On Twitter and on our forum we asked for people who were willing to share their experiences both positive and negative concerning the deal.  Unsurprisingly, the responses were primarily negative.  J4P thanks all who replied.  Those who…

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Passion isn’t prohibition

Alcohol being poured away during prohibition It’s fair to say that the last few weeks has seen a ramping up of the debate on all sides of the arguments concerning the gambling industry. Some of the debate has been worthwhile, but a fair amount has also been extremely unhelpful, not least some of the…

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The strange case of four corners and a guide dog

When betting online with traditional sportsbooks, those very rare, genuine old style punters who win and those who show a betting style that they may win know the consequences – stake restricted accounts; £50 bets become £5 or even 5p bets. For those determined enough this has led to a daily game of ‘hide and…

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Corporate philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy often called corporate social responsibility (CSR) is hitting the headlines in the gambling world. Why gambling companies are now rushing to partner with charities and not-for-profit organisations is not difficult to understand.  After many years of being able to keep the ‘darker side’ of how the modern corporate gambling industry trades the ‘genie…

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To win gambling in the UK you need to cheat

Cheat, noun: “A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.” The recent BBC programme ‘Can you beat the bookies’ ( has thrown the spotlight on the modern gambling industry again. No doubt many discussions in pubs and clubs following the broadcast of this programme will have focussed on ‘courtsiding’.  Huge numbers of…

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Dealing with the myth of problem gambling

Quite rightly the UK has a legal gambling industry, but it presently has a challenge like no other it has ever faced.  This challenge is ‘hanging over its head’ like a big dark cloud.  Those in the gambling industry who don’t recognise the extent of this danger are doing immense damage to their own industry….

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Silence, denial and bullshit will no longer ‘cut-it’

Like many people I like to gamble for entertainment.  In my opinion gambling should be legal in a modern democracy, but legalisation comes with huge responsibilities for those providing gambling services. Nobody can deny that the UK gambling industry has been a fantastic success since its liberalisation in 2005 when it’s judged simply on expansion…

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10 things bookmakers do

Source: 10 things bookmakers do (click on link) This is a brilliant article about modern non-bookmaking, i.e. their licence type is inappropriate.  If you have any unrestricted online accounts left, by definition you aren’t very good at gambling.

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The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed. by rethinkgambling | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Source: The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed Gambling addiction causes more suicide as a percentage of addicts than illegal drugs.  Think about this.  Where is all the publicity and where are all the specialist support services?  This is a radio interview, so don’t…

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