Restrictions & closures

As thousands of you are aware the off course bookmaking industry has descended into the sewers of human activity in recent years. Bookmakers only want the business of perennial losers, the ill informed, the gullible who fall for their so called special bets and offers.

Bloated with easy and obscene profits from fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) bookmakers now take much less interest in horse racing and certainly no interest whatsoever in dealing with all those punters who have the slightest idea as to what they are doing with their horse racing bets. We are not just referring here to professional punters; we are talking about those ‘fun’ punters who gleam pleasure out of trying to solve very complex puzzles. For the latter group, their personal efforts are likely to lead to account closures, sometimes whilst losing, following a few £10 and £15 bets. Now FOBTs are down to a maximum stake of £2 rather than £100, hopefully things may change, but it’s unlikely.

As already stated, bookmakers only want the business of perennial losers. If you fall outside those categories you are likely to be treated like ‘riff raff’, have your account closed without reason and if not technically closed be offered derisory and laughable bets which are intended to discourage you from bothering again. Betting horses which shorten in price is now almost a criminal offence in the eyes of this industry.

The following pages outline how bad account restrictions and closures have become by outlining cases, proven by saved correspondence, that it is even possible to have accounts restricted or closed whilst losingYou heard it here, whilst losing!!

Under 15 bets and gone

Never got to place one bet

Only losers welcome!

Why is £5ew too much for a multinational bookmaker?

Just been offered a bet of 62p

We love you, we love you not!

Many years a customer; one decent win & I’m now history

Big corporate bookmakers pick on a grandma

Account closures & restrictions: More evidence (and lots of it)


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