Under 15 bets, losing & gone

The following screen grabs show the activity of a ‘fun’ punter who never placed a bet bigger than £30.00 (which lost).  He was losing money, but his account was restricted and then closed.  Why is this?

(Click on the picture to enlarge)


We also have the customer support chat text on file and some of you will not be shocked to know that he was not given a reason for his account being restricted and closed, despite asking many times.  Of course, he and we know why.  He only backs horses, takes a price, and some of the horses shortened in price before the race was run.  These themes in a person’s betting is now seen as being potentially non-profitable (even though he was losing), so he has to go, proven by the last two screen grabs that show he is not allowed a £15.00 bet at 4-1 (a massive risk of £60.00 to the bookmaker #irony).

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Seanie 2

There is no question that if he had gambled in the online casino and not on horses he would never have had his account closed.

Sadly, the regulators see this behaviour as “fair and open”.  What do you think?


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