Only losers welcome

Bookmakers are not what they used to be.

The following short video clip (57 seconds) set the scene:


As a non-gambler or a gambler who is part of the 99% who lose in the medium and long term were you aware of this modern practice? These days you do not have to be a professional punter to have your account restricted or closed; winning as little as £100.00 can be seen as a ‘crime’ and get your account closed down. It is not about the amount of money anymore; it is about how you bet. If you show ability, especially that you are price sensitive; you are in danger and pretty quickly.

In some ways, in the case of bookmakers, this may seem sensible policy (shocking PR though), but why do the regulators see it as morally acceptable? Now this is shocking, when they claim to have a primary aim of gambling being ‘fair and open’. To make it ‘fair and open’ punters should be told at the outset that they will not be allowed to win in the medium term. The ‘dream’ has then gone, so would you sign-up? We feel the answer is probably not, but as privacy and lying is allowed by regulators, most people never know.


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