We love you, we love you not!

When you open a new account with a bookmaker; the bookmaker may appear to be in love with you.  If you ask for help the customer service staff will be polite and friendly; wishing you a ‘good day’ and good luck.  If you don’t have a bet in the first few days, you are likely to receive an email asking if you are OK and if you need any help.  In one case, you are even welcomed as a ‘family’ member.

As the following short video (98 seconds) outlines this can all change within 24-hours.  This may be particularly traumatic for those of you who already feel lonely, as your new ‘family’ can soon send you to ‘coventry’ without providing a reason as to why you now ‘stink’. NB: There are a couple of fades and edits in the video clip concerning some naughty words – sorry as it jumps.


Now what had this new customer done? Perhaps they had been arrested and put in prison? May be they had been found to be a money launderer or even 12 years of age? None of these I’m afraid; in the last 24-hours they had backed two horses and taken prices, which had shortened before the horses ran. Even worse one of the horses had won at a price greater than 10-1.

When did this become a ‘crime’ for a consumer (punter); we are unsure, but these days many people are discriminated against on this basis. Did you know that it is regarded as ‘fair and open’ by regulators, because it is!


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