A New World of Bookmaking

The trilby is perched, braces hoist trousers above the waists of the mostly stout framed bookies. There’s a ciggie on the go in the corner of the mouth which leaves enough space to talk if required. Its race day. A bookmaker is the one who writes up your bet, sets the odds and pays the…

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Minimum Bet (liability) Law: Where are we going?

Today SkyBet has announced their version of an online minimum bet, more correctly, a minimum liability law (MBL).  This follows recent announcements by BetVictor, Betfair Sportsbook and William Hill. Ladbroke-Coral now GVC has a MBL in shop. J4P welcomes these announcements, albeit they don’t meet our Charter. We welcome the announcements, because it’s some progress…

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Gambling Commission delivers damning verdict on dispute procedures

This is all great news.  Get complaining and make bookmakers change.  Their treatment of customers at present during dispute processes is awful. Guardian article: Full Gambling Commission report:      

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Furious punters accuse bookies of withholding thousands in Cheltenham winnings and closing accounts for no reason – Mirror Online, 12Bet, and TLCBet offered special deals ahead of the Cheltenham Festival but haven’t paid out on winning bets Three companies in same group will be sharing personal data: Yes it’s legal to do that.  However, they never make it clear, so is it fair?  Yet another promotional ‘con’.  Click on green link to…

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10 things bookmakers do

Source: 10 things bookmakers do (click on link) This is a brilliant article about modern non-bookmaking, i.e. their licence type is inappropriate.  If you have any unrestricted online accounts left, by definition you aren’t very good at gambling.

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