Withholding my balance without good reason

Email or letter about withholding my balance without good reason



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NB: If the company is based outside the UK you may want to use email?  The same layout is fine.  A good place to look for any email address is  Google will inform for a postal address and CEO names.




Withholding my balance without good reason

I opened an online account with (enter name of company) on (enter date); the username is (insert username).

On (insert date & year) I received an email informing me that my account required even more ID checks and that my remaining balance would be retained in the meantime.

I’ve contacted your customer services on a number of occasions and they were very unhelpful.  Nobody will tell me why this action has been taken.  As I don’t understand why this has happened and nobody will explain the situation to me I feel my money has been stolen.

As I see it, it’s quite simple; under UK consumer law a company cannot accuse a customer of contract abuse, not being who they are, or even worse a crime without providing clear, easily understandable evidence for what is being claimed.  At present (enter name of company) hasn’t provided any evidence, your company has simply relied on repeating unfair terms and conditions (T&Cs) that state (enter name of company) can be the sole ‘judge and jury’ of what is supposed to have happened.  Once again, this is illegal under UK consumer law.

As of May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable in the UK, so I will also use my legal rights to force (enter name of company) to provide me with all personal data you hold about me.  If this does not contain evidence of me doing anything wrong (I haven’t) you will have to pay me immediately.

If matters are not settled or evidence is not provided in the next 7-days of why you are demanding more and more documents from me I will be using all the gambling dispute processes available to me, including the UK small claims court.  I’ve already complained to ‘Resolver’.

I would also remind (enter name of company) of this ruling by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority: &

It’s not in the interest of either party to prolong this dispute; time is money, so I would request that you instruct your staff to allow me to withdraw my money or ask them to provide evidence to conclusively prove that I have no right to my money for whatever reason (enter name of company)  is prepared to make up.  If it is the latter, I remind you again that (enter name of company) cannot be ‘judge and jury’ under UK law.

I look forward to hearing from you urgently or whoever you delegate the task to.  If not, I will consider escalating the matter to the relevant regulator, your ADR and/or the small claims court.  Clearly a complaint to an ADR is likely to cost your company money and a legal claim even more.

Yours sincerely,


(insert your name) (insert your username)


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