What is ‘iesnare’ and how to find it?

What is ‘iesnare’

There is a lot of incorrect information about this product on the internet and it appears few people really understand its capabilities: Not surprising, as it is very difficult to find out what it exactly does and how the data it collects is analysed and used.

When you open an account with a bookmaker who uses ‘iesnare’, usually without you knowing ‘iesnare’ will be downloaded on to your PC, laptop, phone or other e-device.   Some companies download it before you deposit funds and therefore have a bet, so the only way you can find out about its use before it is downloaded is to read a company’s terms and conditions (T&Cs) before registering.  Incredibly, even this will probably not help as we have yet to read one set of T&Cs that specifically mention the product.  From that moment, whether you delete it or not, your e-device will be listed in a world database held by a company called ‘Iovation’ (to our knowledge there is no right for the consumer to have your e-device removed form this database, so it is there for life, even if the e-device, is lent, sold or gifted). The database stores the following details about your e-device and internet access points:

Screen resolution, Device Type e.g. PC, MAC, etc., Operating System e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux, etc., Device Time Zone, JavaScript on/off, Flash on/off, Flash installed?, Flash Version, Flash storage enabled/disabled, Browser Cookies enabled/disabled, Browser Type, Browser Version, Browser character set, Browser Menu Language, Browser Configured Language, IP Address, IP Geolocation: City, IP Geolocation Country Code, IPGeolocation Proxy Flag, IP Geolocation Country Name, IP Geolocation State/Region, IP Geolocation Time Zone, Internet Service Provider (ISP), ISP Organization; Fully-qualified domain name, CPU Count, CPU Speed, Operating System Version, System Model, Component Serial Numbers, MAC Address, DeviceName (MD5 Hash), Device Identifier, Device Locale, Device System Version, OS Build Number, Kernel Version, Kernel Build Number, Flash System Capabilities.

Basically a ‘fingerprint’, often referred to as a ‘footprint’ in IT terminology of your e-device has been stolen without you knowing.  We think everyone will be happy with this (#lol).  Combined with other data a bookmaker might hold about you ‘iesnare’ is a very powerful, intrusive tool.

How can I find out if ‘iesnare’ is on my e-device?

It’s pretty simple:

Go to the file search function on your e-device.

Type in ‘mpsnare’ in the search box, and press return or the ‘search’ button if you have one.

If ‘iesnare’ has been downloaded on to your e-device you’ll find one or more of the following folders:


As already mentioned there are lots of articles and forums about ‘iensare’ on the internet, the following is one of the most comprehensive (click here).  One of our authors posted a comprehensive reply to the article in the comments section to help clarify some points; nevertheless it is excellent and tells you how to delete ‘iesnare’ and stop it returning (not easy).

It is fair to say that it is unclear how data collected by ‘iesnare’ is analysed and then shared by corporate ‘iesnare’ subscribers; whatever it is a clever way to get round the present data protection laws, because it collects information about your e-device, not about YOU, which provides much more scope for companies to indirectly know about your internet activity.  Very subtle, and it is certainly not being used in a ‘fair and open‘ way and we suspect that most customers (punters) are not happy, so let the regulators (Information Commissioner’s Office & the UK Gambling Commission) and your MP know.


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