September 15 2017

Another pretty standard week; more controversy over FOBTs, students being targetted as they have their loans and most damaging an ex-member of staff saying he was asked to ‘throw his ethics out of the window’.

  • Australia makes bookies pay their taxes and reduce harm
  • Freebets and other potentially harmful promotions to be banned in Australia
  • Students hooked on gambling
  • I was told to throw ethics out of the window at online bookies
  • Treasury comes to its senses over fixed odds betting terminals
  • Fixed odds betting terminals; is it going to be a £20 maximum stakes
  • Bookmakers: Advert lies continue rule Advertising Standards Authority
  • Bookmaker affiliates scrape the ethical barrel to earn commission
  • DCMS must do the right thing & not protect bookies profits

The following are all the links to the media coverage proving we’re not making it up.

ps:  Does NOT include all the media coverage of violence and robberies in betting shops.  From memory there’s been about 7-8 incidents this week, so even higher than normal.

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