November 03 2017

Another week that has featured FOBTs and their potential harm and how bookies don’t let you bet if you win;

  • Bookmakers do not let anyone win using skill; they ban them
  • Another 12 weeks to be added to fixed odds betting robbery
  • I lost £9,000 in three hours
  • A possible doomsday scenario approaches for bookies; addictive products will be reigned in
  • Bookies who don’t contribute to harm research to be named and shamed
  • Government, as always, gives in to corporate interests – bookies
  • Bookies refuse to fund research into harm they cause
  • FOBTs; all about self interest
  • FOBTs; the local damage
  • FOBTs; the losses continue to increase year-on-year
  • Sports Minister comments on action to prevent gambling harm

The following are all the links to the media coverage proving we’re not making

it up.

ps:  Does NOT include all the media coverage of violence and robberies in betting shops.

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