June 30 2017

As always, not the best, we’ve seen Ladbrokes leaving confidential documents in bin-bags in the street and there have been more stories about the problems of gambling in professional football circles.  The FOBT’s saga just drags on, whilst people continue to lose everything playing them on our high streets:

  • Ladbrokes leave personal customer documents in street
  • Football is financially addicted to addiction
  • Premier League players hooked on gambling
  • New guidelines to help problem gambling; dragging the bookies along screaming
  • Easier and quicker ways to lose your hard-earned comes to your local area
  • Addictive gambling machines review delayed again
  • Aussie betting markets becoming ‘fair and open’; UK regulator not interested in fairness
  • Bookmakers are classed as ‘undesirable’ shops

The following are all the links to the media coverage proving we’re not making it up.

ps:  Does NOT include all the media coverage of violence and robberies in betting shops.  From memory there’s been about 8-10 incidents this week.


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