June 23 2017

A huge week due to the UK’s ‘Competition and Markets Authority’ announcing that gambling companies had been operating unfairly in the case of their promotions, plus their investigation will be extended to include the refusal to pay out for no apparent good reason.  Secondly, the Football Association have also cancelled

their sponsorship deal with Ladbroke due to concerns about gambling in football.  It’s been a truly awful week for the industry:

  • Bet365 not honouring bets the world over
  • Bookmakers rob the sports they offer bets on worldwide
  • Gambling in UK football is rife; even match-fixing
  • Bookies only contribute 0.1% towards helping the harm they cause
  • E-sports and gambling; a new disaster waiting to happen
  • The FA finally do the decent thing and get rid of betting sponsors
  • Is the game up for ‘dodgy’ bookies in the UK

The following are all the links to the media coverage proving we’re not making it up.

ps:  Does NOT include all the media coverage of violence and robberies in betting shops.  From memory there’s been about 8-10 incidents this week.


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