January 26 2018

Wow, what a week;

  • Trade bodies are trying to con the DCMS in FOBT Consultation
  • BBC football pundits accused of influencing young people to gamble
  • Is it going to be a £2 maximum stake for FOBTs
  • Bookies may sue the government if they don’t get what they want
  • Many footballers breaking code on gambling
  • MPs and Lords: Bookies must play fair on laying bets to those who might win
  • Should credit cards be banned for gambling online
  • It matters more when there’s money on it is a dangerous doctrine
  • Football’s greed knows no bounds
  • Scottish FA are not learning; another deal with Ladbrokes
  • UK Chancellor has no morals; money comes first irrespective of where it comes from
  • Gambling Commission want powers to curb gambling advertising
  • Concerns about betting on women’s football
  • Bookie CEO admits TV advertising is over the top
  • MPs and Lords say bookies must change and stop banning winners
  • Majority of UK population see gambling as a problem

The following are all the links to the media coverage proving we’re not making it up.

ps:  Does NOT include all the media coverage of violence and robberies in betting shops.

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