Did somebody really sit and watch?

“Tragic gambler who was ‘groomed’ with a bonus: How online casino plied 25-year-old with a £400 booster just hours before he took his own life” In late May this article was published.  To say it caused a bit of rumpus is an understatement. Firstly, it’s very important to praise and respect the bravery of…

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Corporate philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy often called corporate social responsibility (CSR) is hitting the headlines in the gambling world. Why gambling companies are now rushing to partner with charities and not-for-profit organisations is not difficult to understand.  After many years of being able to keep the ‘darker side’ of how the modern corporate gambling industry trades the ‘genie…

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Fixed odds betting terminals & the BBC

If you didn’t watch a recent BBC series called ‘Broken’ the following clip is one powerful part of it.  Brilliant writing and acting. Never forget; whilst people are given the chance to lose everything, if this lady had been a good sports punter she would have been banned from betting online and in shop.  It’s…

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The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed. by rethinkgambling | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Source: The mother of a gambling addict who took his life says he did not get the help he needed Gambling addiction causes more suicide as a percentage of addicts than illegal drugs.  Think about this.  Where is all the publicity and where are all the specialist support services?  This is a radio interview, so don’t…

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