How to complete small claims court forms

The following are examples of how to complete the two most regularly used small claims court forms.  There are two forms, because most large corporate bookmakers ran away from the UK to register their online businesses, i.e. for tax purposes; primarily to avoid paying any, despite their promises to government not to.  The forms are the same irrespective of where the business is registered.

Please note that the full online service can only be used to submit claims up to 10K concerning bet/s placed and money owed in England and Wales, and with companies who have registered offices in England and Wales.

For all other bookmakers and this will include most online disputes, because the online arms of nearly every big bookmaker are based abroad, you will have to complete the downloadable pdf forms (n001 & n510) and print the forms out after completing them. They then need posting, enclosing a relevant payment, to: County Court Money Claims Centre, PO Box 527, Salford, M5 0BY

The person also needs to post a copy of both forms using recorded delivery to the gambling company at their head office address in Gibraltar, Malta or wherever. Please also note that the post to the money claims centre in Salford must also contain form N215 – Certificate of Service.


Form examples

n001-eng example completed

n510-eng example completed

We’ve chosen a best odds guaranteed (BOG) dispute as an example.

That’s how easy it is.  Best of luck.

ps: This example is based on a case that we helped win.  In fact the bookmaker concerned paid out within 48 hours of receiving the court papers, i.e. the case got nowhere near a court, because the company knew they were in the wrong, despite refusing to settle the dispute earlier.  This attitude and outcome is frequent.




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