Subject access request (SAR) template

Please feel to copy, paste and update the text below.  Best of luck if you decide to submit a SAR.  If you’ve ever had an account restricted or closed you should.  If you don’t you and just giving the bookmakers an easy time; why would you?


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Your address: enter

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Data Protection Officer

Gambling company address: enter

Gambling company address: enter

Gambling company address: enter

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Dear Data Protection Officer,

Re:      Subject Access Request for personal data held by enter name of company or website address relating to account username enter username

I received an e-mail from enter name of company Support in enter month, year advising me that my account was no longer eligible for bonuses and concessions including Best Odds Guaranteed (or enter your exact experience, e.g. stakes factored, account closed. NB: You may or may not have received an email, so you should use, “I noticed in enter month, year that my account was”).

Despite attempting to establish the reasons for these restrictions being imposed enter name of company refused to provide any.  I see little point in again asking the reasons for this decision having previously met with a veil of secrecy. I believe the best prospect of establishing the reasons enter name of company would wish to restrict/close my account is to submit a Subject Access Request (SAR), which I am entitled to do under the United Kingdom Data Protection Act (1995) (Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003 in Ireland).

I am requesting this SAR to enable me to establish the full extent of the data and information held about me (enter username) by enter name of company and who this information has been shared with. As you are aware enter name of company are required to provide the information to me within 40 (21 or 40 days in Ireland, the webpage linked to later is contradictory) calendar days of receiving my request.

This request includes, but is not solely limited to:

  1. Data held from the date the account was opened to the current
  2. All electronically and clerically held data.
  3. Details of all transactions including deposits, withdrawals,
    bets placed, bets proposed but declined as a reduced price or stake was offered and account adjustments including freebets.
  4. Data held by enter name of company that does not specifically relate to my enter name of company account (for example [but not restricted to] – activity on other gambling company websites).
  5. Details of all organisations (e.g. Iovation) enter name of company has shared my personal data with and the reasons for doing so. NB: I’m aware that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has recently ruled that device data held by Iovation, e.g. IP address, device identifier, geographical location etc., becomes personal data when it is combined with personal data that a company holds about the person who uses the said device.  This means any base and analytical data generated by/from Iovation, plus company decisions based on this data is personal when it is provided to a company who already holds traditional personal data, e.g. name, address.  I, therefore have a right to see all this detail.
  6. Contact details of all the organisations enter name of company has shared my personal data with.
  7. Details of the reasoning behind the decision to restrict/close my account
    (Page 7 of Subject Access Code Of Practice, “An individual can also request
    information about the reasoning behind any automated decisions taken about him or her, such as a computer-generated decision to grant or deny credit, or an assessment of performance at work…”

I’m aware there may be a charge of up to £10.00 (free or maximum 6.35 Euro in Ireland, the webpage linked to later is contradictory) for providing this information. Please let me know the amount of the charge and how this can be paid to enter name of company.

I look forward to receiving all the information requested within 40 calendar
days (21 or 40 days in Ireland) of you receiving this letter.


Yours faithfully,


Your name

Username: enter

e-mail:  enter


Notes for consumers: This letter should be sent by recorded delivery to either the registered or head office of the company concerned.  Do not accept no for an answer, you are within your rights to receive all that is requested in the text.  You may wish to send this as an email instead, but try to resist this temptation, because emails rarely reach the correct person.

If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland you may also want to read: However, we think we have covered the two major differences from the UK.


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