General Data Protection Regulation: Right of access to your data

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Google will inform for a postal address and the privacy policies of each company should provide an email address.

From the first week of July 2018 this url: should contain the details you need for the above.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: General Data Protection Regulation: Right of access (ENTER USERNAME)

As my account with you is subject to stake restrictions and no longer qualifies for Best Odds Guaranteed or other customer offers, I would like to understand the reasons why this is the case, and the reason(s) ENTER BOOKMAKER NAME has restricted my account to the point that it is unusable, except in the casino.

This letter is a subject access request pursuant to article 15 GDPR in order to access personal data that was used to make all decisions concerning my account.

The European Union defines personal data widely, including IP addresses. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has ruled that e-device data becomes personal data when it is combined with other personal data, e.g. a home and/or email addresses.  I am of the understanding that ENTER BOOKMAKER NAME does combine e-device data with other personal data when processing data and profiling customers, therefore “all data held” will include e-device data held by ENTER BOOKMAKER NAME and all third parties.

To make decisions about my account ENTER BOOKMAKER NAME must have processed my personal data (e.g. hopefully in line with Article 6(1) or Article 9(2) GDPR and certainly in line with the UK’s Data Protection Act [1998]) and profiled me (hopefully in line with Article 21 GDPR and certainly in line with the UK’s Data Protection Act [1998]).  This profiling is likely to have meant ENTER BOOKMAKER NAME has disclosed my personal data to third parties, e.g. tickets sent to Iovation and/or other services (please do not leave this data out of my SAR).

The following is the data I would like a copy of or access to:

  • The categories of personal data you have about me in your files and databases, including but not limited too; completed forms, emails, live chats, financial transactions, full betting history, etc.
  • A detailed account of the specific uses that you have made or still making of my personal data.
  • A list of all third parties with whom you have (or may have) shared my personal data.
  • Advice on how long you store my personal data, and if retention is based upon the category of personal data, please identify how long each category is retained.
  • If you are additionally collecting personal data about me from any source other than me, please provide me with all information about those sources, as referred to in article 14 GDPR, including but not limited too; Iovation tickets and any other form of data generated from e-device ‘footprinting’.
  • If you have or still are making automated decisions about me, including profiling, whether or not on the basis of article 22 GDPR, please provide me with information concerning the basis for the logic in making such automated decisions, and the significance and consequences of such processing.

To avoid unnecessary administration or further correspondence, I am including the following information which will help you to identify records pertaining to me: (ENTER)

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Account number/name
  • Etc.
  • +Whatever you feel is appropriate – remember your address is at the top of the letter and your full name at the bottom

If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Information Commissioner’s Office can assist you. Its website is or they can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.

I look forward to receiving the data I’ve requested within the 30 day legally stipulated period under article 12 GDPR.

Yours faithfully,






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