Punter injustices

Some of the things that follow verge on the unbelievable, but they are true.  They did happen and we have written evidence to back them up.

When was the last time you were asked for your passport when going about your daily business?  We can only speak for the United Kingdom, so we would guess; never.  Not if you’re an online punter or for that matter a betting shop punter.  How about being asked, not just for your passport, but for a passport ‘selfie’: Yes a picture of you stood next to your passport photograph page.  Why, you may ask?  We have one case on file where the ‘why’ was; to obtain a ‘refer-a-friend’ free bet.

Even more crazy, when the punter complained to the UK Gambling Commission, the system allows the bookmaker to choose the approved arbitrator.  The arbitrator found in favour of the bookmaker, i.e. provide the passport ‘selfie’ or you can’t have your free bet.  One could conclude; ‘he who pays the piper’.  So, the punter did not get the free bet and the bookmaker did not get their ‘selfie’.  But is this justice or injustice?  The punter had been allowed to register, deposit money and bet with the bookmaker, so how is it that he is suddenly untrustworthy when asking for a promotion offered to him?  You make your own conclusions.

We told you it was unbelievable, but true.

Unfair terms and conditions

Identity abuse

Obvious bookmaker errors (PALPs)

Losing your home and your life


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