Meeting your MP at a local clinic: Help

All MPs have to hold local clinics where constituents can meet them ‘face-to-face’: Try it, it can be worthwhile, but do prepare, you are likely to get no more than 10 minutes.

If you’ve used the facility on one of our other pages to find your MP (Find your MP and how to contact them) you will now have all their contact points.  It is fair to say that some MPs hold lots of clinics, but some do not, so you may have to wait awhile for an appointment dependent on where you live.  We suggest you email them (if you prefer a letter, fine).  Keep it simple by entering ‘Next clinic’ in the ‘Subject’ line of your email and just ask when their next clinic is, where and if you have to make an appointment.  The email and/or letter must include your full name and postal address.  Remember MPs get lots of correspondence, so brevity is crucial.

Your MP is likely to ask you what you would like to discuss, so you need to decide, as just saying ‘the gambling industry’ is not specific enough, e.g. bookmakers discriminating against those who win whilst bankrupting others, gambling related crime, family problems linked to gambling, non-protection of vulnerable people, etc. (You have plenty to choose from).  This website provides lots of ideas and information to help you prepare for your appointment.  A simple ‘Google’ search will also help, but be careful, as there are quite a number of organisations with websites that are funded by the gambling industry, so do check ‘About Us’ web pages and anything you can find about sources of funding.

After you have chosen your topic, make notes and if possible print a copy to leave with your MP, as they are unlikely to know much about what you choose to discuss (keep the notes brief and factual). This should include what you want the MP to do, e.g. Write to the sports minister with your concerns (the sports minister deals with gambling); ask a question in parliament (write the question for them), contact local bookmakers about your concerns, whatever.


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