Losing account that lasted under 48-hours

Yes, you heard it here.  Account closed, whilst losing, which meant the bookmaker ‘welshing’ on the free bet and the chance for the customer (punter) to win their losses back.

The UK Gambling Commission think this is ‘fair and open‘; do you?  We don’t.

The following ‘Live Chat’ text submitted to us explains it all (we’re not making it up):

Alex C (Listening)

Alex C: Hi, you’re through to Alex C.
My Username: why can i only have £2.22 each way on a horse, i lost £50 yesterday and will never get it back at that rate
Alex C: This will be due to a restriction
Alex C: Can I take your mother’s maiden name and the first line of your address please?
My Username:  and i couldnt see the £30 free bet anywhere in the betting slip
My Username:  you didn’t restrict me twice yesterday

Alex C: Thanks
Alex C: Yes your account has been restricted by our trading team unfortunately this can’t be removed
My Username:  so how am i supposed to try and win back my money
My Username:  and when can i use the £30 free bet
Alex C: Unfortunately we reserve the right to restrict accounts if we feel necessary
Alex C: And you can use the bet now just dependant on the odds of the market
My Username:  who makes these decisions ? this sort of treatment cant be right
Alex C: The trading team do this
My Username:  they should be renamed the non trading team
My Username:  so i lose £50 and you think it’s okay to stop me from trying to win it back ?
Alex C: You are entitled to your opinion
My Username: certainly but I can’t remove that restriction

Come on; UK Gambling Commission do your job for a change or pack it in and let somebody else have a go!  You know this is happening, but choose to do nothing about it.


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