Letter before action (LBA) template

Your full address


Telephone number

Strictly Private & Confidential





By email only




(Enter dispute reference if you have one)

Dear (enter name of person)

I write further to our recent correspondence in respect of (enter dispute issue).

In the absence of a full and satisfactory response I’ve decided to take legal action, therefore this letter is sent pursuant to the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct (the Protocol) contained in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. We ask for your substantive response to the matters raised in this letter within 14 days, by (enter full date).

The Proposed Claimant & Defendant

Should proceedings become necessary, the Proposed Claimant in this matter would be (enter your name), who can be contacted via (enter email address and mobile telephone number).  My full contact details are at the top of this letter.

The Proposed Defendant in this matter would be (enter name of company [it is very, very important you get this name correct. As an example many gambling brands, e.g. Bet365 are just that, a brand and don’t exist legally. Companies House in the UK and/or similar services in Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus should be consulted]).


(This is where what has happened is covered)

Grounds of claim

(This is where the breaches of law and regulation are covered)

ADR and mediation

Under ‘Paragraph 3 of the Pre-Action Protocol’ I recognise I must:

3(c) try to settle the issues without proceedings

3(d) consider a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to assist with settlement

I think the correspondence requested in the next section will prove I’ve attempted to complete 3(c).

In the case of 3(d) it is also well known that the ADR system provided by the UK’s Gambling Commission rarely if ever covers a gambling disorder related dispute, so disappointingly this is not an option for me, i.e. present processes in place for regulated gambling in the UK denies a vulnerable person like myself access to justice using ADR.

Schedule – Request for key documents in accordance of paragraph 6(c) of the pre-action protocol

All recorded telephone calls between myself and (enter name of gambling company).

All written correspondence between myself and (enter name of gambling company).


(This is where a mutually beneficial solution is suggested, thus avoiding the cost and hassle of legal action)

Date for reply

We ask for your substantive response to this letter within 14 days, by (enter date). We consider such a timeframe is reasonable, given:

(enter any reasons for delay, e.g. time taken to get to this point due to delays on the part of the gambling company)

If you are unable to respond within this timeframe, please propose an alternative timeframe and provide your reasons for the same.

I reserve the right to amend this Letter of Claim in the event of further disclosure being provided as relevant to the issues in dispute.

Yours sincerely,


(enter your name)

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