How Iovation works (we keep finding more)

The following information adds to what ‘Justice for Punters’ has already written on ‘Iovation’, ‘iesnare’, ‘Reputation Manager’, whatever its latest name is.  It is based on what our IT people have found out, the journalists we work with, and what staff and ex-staff from relevant companies have told us.

If true, which we are 99% certain it is, it does suggest that what we have been telling the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is correct and that gambling companies have, perhaps, not been telling the whole truth when providing comments for journalists or to the ICO?  As always we recommend you cleanse your e-devices of this product and block it to stop another reinfection (see:, especially as we now strongly suspect IT IS being used for gambling ‘risk management’ as well as fraud.

When a person goes to a gambling website that uses Iovation, e.g. Coral, PaddyPower/Betfair; Iovation is downloaded (usually instantly without any warning – 1st Data Protection Act [1998] offence).

Your e-device identity is stolen and analysed, then entered into the Iovation database and given a ‘ticket’ (1 of 3 ratings):


If you have won money from one bookmaker who uses ‘Iovation’ it is likely that another bookmaker who uses it, when you sign up with them, will have access to information that codes your e-device as being associated with successful gambling.

You’ve been warned; delete and/or block it transmitting.


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