A standard letter format questioning a bookmaker for not paying out

Your full address


Telephone number


(insert name), CEO

(insert company)

(insert full address, including postcode)


NB: You may want to use email?  The same layout is fine.



Delayed withdrawal of funds

I have an online account with (insert company); username – (insert username).

On (insert date & year) I tried to withdraw my funds (insert exact amount if you wish), which is being withheld from me without good reason.

I’ve contacted your customer services on a number of occasions and they are very unhelpful.  Nobody will tell me why I have to wait so long and why additional security checks are required. After over (insert period of time) I still don’t know where my money is and what’s going on.  All your staff will tell me is that I have to be patient until the investigation is finished.  What exactly is this investigation?  Your staff have refused to provide a time frame (insert any other relevant details of your case).

This situation is totally unacceptable and is likely to be something the UK ‘Competition and Markets Authority’ investigation into unfair terms and conditions being used by online bookmakers and their application in practice will be looking at closely.  I will be complaining to them as part of their evidence gathering, specifically naming your company.

I do hope you can ensure a quick resolution to this situation, if not, and if I have still not received my money in 14 days (from the date this letter was posted/email sent) I will be making a complaint to ‘IBAS’.  I’ve already raised a complaint with ‘Resolver’.

I look forward to hearing from you urgently or whoever you delegate the task to.

Yours sincerely,

(insert your name)

(insert your username)


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