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The ‘Justice for Punters‘ forum provides a chance for people to share and post their experiences of the modern bookmaking industry.

Most of the topics being discussed follow the themes already on the website, e.g. account restrictions and closures, punter injustices, etc.  We are keen for everyone to share their experiences; even better if you have collected and post evidence for what has happened to you, e.g. Live Chat text, screen grabs, etc.  We will make sure this evidence is all collated and provided anonymously to relevant regulators and to inform media coverage.

We do have etiquette guidelines for using the forum.  You may want to read these (click here).  We want all of you to be informative and constructive.

You can look at the posts on our forum without registering, but you cannot post anything new or reply to other peoples’ posts without registering.

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We look forward to hearing from you.


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