When a bet has won, but let’s not bother paying the customer

First of all the good news.

Received on 09/01/2018

“Hi Jimmy

I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your persistence with helping me on this case.

I still haven’t received any communication from ****, however I suspect they have now made contact with *****, most likely and more importantly spurred on by ………….., which you were pivotal with, as I have just received this out of the blue. This was completely out of the blue and a total surprise to me. I can only assume **** has contacted them and they’ve chosen to settle before adjudication? I haven’t received anything from **** at all even in junk but I’m not complaining as I have received the exact result I wanted!

I am absolutely delighted. I feel like it’s a late Christmas present. There is slightly more than expected, perhaps due to interest?

I want to thank you for such a truly great campaign that you run. I can categorically vouch for the fact that J4P really does help punters and provides great advice and great contacts and guidance, and I am more than happy for you to share this feedback with anyone. I have had a great success today against what I believe to be a very unfair practice of trying to get out of paying in any way possible. If it wasn’t for campaigns like yours with the contacts you have, I’m not sure if I’d have fancied my chances.

Thank you so much. I would love to make a small donation of my time or money to your campaign because I truly believe you do help people. (Editor’s note: J4P doesn’t accept donations, but thank you for the offer)

Thank you. I’d love to keep in touch?”

Now the bad news.

“About two weeks ago (Editor’s note – early 06/2017) I placed a bet with **** on a tennis match to say over 3.5 sets. The bet was accepted and placed as part of an accumulator and this dispute is worth 4 figures.

A few points into the fourth set, one player retired and the bet was marked down as void. I have approached customer services who referred it to a manager and she came back on the phone to say her manager agrees it should be a winner because the bet had already won as it was already into the 4th set.

After referring this to the traders who escalated it higher, they came back and said no. But my argument is that any natural conclusion to the match would have had at least 4 sets. It is a mathematical certainty that the match would have unconditionally had at least 4 sets and therefore my bet should be a winner. Their tennis terms and conditions state that “If a match does not reach a natural conclusion, any markets (besides Match Betting) that are not unconditionally determined will be void.” This is my argument, the fact that the match was over 3.5 sets WAS unconditionally determined – because the fourth set was in play when the retirement was made it would have been impossible to for the bet to lose – it had already won!

Where do I stand with this? Would **** agree with me?”

How did it take ***** six months to settle this bet correctly?  What excuses do **** have for not communicating with the customer appropriately?  Why did it take so long for **** to contact *****? (Editor’s notes – complaint to **** submitted 20/07/ 2017. ***** confirmed just before Christmas day 2017 that they had received NO communication from ****)

To be honest J4P is totally fed-up with trying to reason why. There are no good reasons for the above; the bet dispute system is broken (see: Gambling Commission report stating exactly this: and many bookmakers are simply abusing it.  This is driving terrible PR, but the culture in the industry is so outdated and ‘rotten’ that change will only be driven by ‘sticks’ not ‘carrots’.

J4P looks forward to very big ‘sticks’ being developed and used.



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