Addiction awareness advertising campaign (it’s a spoof)

Last week the Guardian announced that betting firms and broadcasters have made an offer to the government to fund an £8m addiction awareness campaign (see:

What the Guardian or for that matter anybody didn’t know at the time was that ‘Justice for Punters’ had been awarded £3.74 of the £8m budget to produce the first promotional video for the campaign.  This is to be targetted at a social media audience, because for £3.74 you can’t do much.

Anyway we’ve had a good go and we’re delighted to announce that the 90 seconds video piece is available from today by clicking on the start button below.  If you wish to watch the video in full screen click on the usual icon (bottom right)


We bet if you read the Guardian article that you didn’t think the first video would be anything like this.  We still can’t believe we did it for £3.74 – amazing really, even though it is a spoof.


Logo final



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