400K returned to customers

July 28th 2017

If we’ve been unsuccessful in helping you get your online pharmacy rx canada, no prescription required lasix water pill buy online Pharmacy Canada Online, lasix pills canada General Health money back from a gambling company we apologise.  There are many reasons why this happens and we are doing our best to close as many unfair loopholes as possible.   As you all know it’s going to be a long job, however we are now inside the ‘right corridors of power’ to carry on our campaign to bring fairness to everyone who gambles.

Today is a day to celebrate, because we have reached a great milestone.  It’s just over 17 months since we launched the website.  We had no money, we’ve been offered some since, but refused it.  We think it’s most important to remain robustly independent.  The milestone is:

£400,000 being returned to customers (this is the amount of money we’ve helped customers obtain that was being kept unfairly from them with no good reason or evidence being provided).  NB: Well over 50% of this money involved online casino websites.

As the founder of ‘Justice for Punters’ I would like to thank everyone who has given their time as a volunteer on our behalf, whether that has been providing: Free advice for gambling disputes; free media advice; free media coverage; preparing for and meeting with organisations like the Gambling Commission, which has meant not only giving a day of your time, but paying your own expenses; and for that matter anything else that anyone has done, e.g. free web support.

You might be amazed, but I would also like to thank the tiny number of corporate bookmakers (two to be precise) who have actively worked with us to solve three or four disputes.  To those gambling companies and their PR representatives who’ve blocked us on Twitter or banned their staff from looking at our website by blocking access too it from their company intranets; all I have to say is, grow up.  ‘Justice for Punters’ doesn’t mean ‘Injustice for Gambling Companies’, although for some of the companies who only run casino websites I wish it did: Some of these websites, truly are the worst of the lot.  How do you live with preying on vulnerable people day in, day out?

I’ve no intention of signing this, because it’s wrong to single people out.  All the people who have helped know who you are and some people know who I am, that’s all that counts.  To the companies who challenged my identity when trying to withdraw money online 2-3 years ago I hope the other companies come to get you for ruining the perfect environment you all had to trade unfairly, because the ‘cat is now out of the bag’ and times are only going to get fairer for the customer; quite right too.


ps: Apologies to any hard working on-course bookmakers and independent bookmakers, both online and in-shop who’ve got caught in the cross-fire.  That never was and still is not our intention.  If you run your gambling business in a fair way you have nothing to fear from ‘Justice for Punters’.


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