Gambling industry on a precipice

At last a media organisation has decided to print the truth about the gambling industry and what it’s facing in the UK during 2017-18.

This link takes you to the extensive article: CMA feature – 28-37-1

For some unknown reason the specialist gambling media and major general media outlets that cover sport extensively have been, so far, reluctant to cover these topics in any great detail, e.g. the Competition and Markets Authority’s major investigation into unfair terms and conditions that are used by every gambling company.  ‘J4P’ knows that an investigation like this was always dreaded by senior executives working for major bookmakers.

You should not be surprised by this dread.  Major bookmakers have been allowed to run an industry that does not allow winners to continue betting, except in others’ names, whilst bankrupting others; simply immoral.  Customer service throughout the industry has to be the worst of any legal industry.  You try to get them to tell the truth about online spying and the exact data a company holds about you: It’s like pulling teeth without an anaesthetic. Many other topics are the same.  Customer service staff are delightful if you have problem depositing money though.

The dreadful stories just goes on and on (we know).  We thank Gaming Intelligence ( for writing this article and for making it freely available as a pdf for all to read.  Gaming Intelligence claims to be the industry’s leading source of independent, analytical and agenda-setting content.  Well in this case they have certainly achieved this, whilst other media have often fallen shy of the topics.


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