Competition and Markets Authority

Why do punters need the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)?

There is certainly plenty of competition in the gambling market, in fact, it is fair to argue, based on odds advertised for sports betting by many companies that punters have never had it so good.  However, a little known fact is that the CMA now complete the tasks of the old Office of Fair Trading, so they are crucially important to punters, as they deal with unfair terms and conditions.

The CMA do not deal with individual complaints, which is a disappointment, but it is still crucial you let them know if you feel that bookmakers are using unfair terms and conditions: Are they though?  Of course they are and on a regular basis (see: This section of the website provides an overview of what could be deemed as unfair; you have plenty to go at.

The CMA has had its budgets and staffing slashed over recent years, so they tend to work on priority areas of need.  A recent example is the pay-day loans industry.  This is also an example of how powerful the CMA can be.  Of course, many people want to see the demise of this industry, which has not happened, but the CMA has certainly ‘clipped its wings’ recently, and they could do the same to the off-course  bookmaking industry if enough of us complain and make the off-course  bookmaking industry a priority area of need for them.  So, click here, to find out how to complain and don’t forget to read our section on unfair terms and conditions (


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