The day the gambling industry was told; improve or face the consequences

November 21st 2017 was a huge day for gambling companies.

Senior gambling company executives sat in an audience where important regulatory speakers outlined to them how disappointed they were with their industry on many levels.  Hopefully, the conference was a big ‘wake-up call’ for senior executives who are sanctioning company consumer processes that would not be accepted in any other business sector.

Sadly, the time has come to move from light-touch regulation of guidelines to guidelines backed up by by fines and other major sanctions, even licence reviews.  The regulators have given the gambling industry every opportunity to put their ‘house in order’; it has failed.

The following provides links to two major speeches, written text and/or Powerpoint presentations of the same:

At ‘Justice for Punters’ we welcome all these investigations, thoughts and actions by all the regulators.  2018 could be a very big year for making gambling ‘fair and open’.  We hope we’re not disappointed?


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