Speak up: Don’t let your sport or business die!

Watch our latest one minute video and recognise how off-course bookmakers are not just discriminating against punters; they are ruining the potential of horse racing and associated businesses due to their greed.

Why should their behaviour ruin the hard work of others?

Many of the sport’s administrators and associated business owners are being ‘hood-winked’ into thinking these off-course bookmakers are their friends.  Wake-up; they are not, they are a barrier to the expansion of racing and associated businesses.

Think Australia, think Hong Kong and how horse racing is booming there compared to here in the UK.

You’re all being ‘conned’.  Be brave and campaign with ‘Justice for Punters’ for a minimum bet/liability law.  In Australia it seems to be working for the good of everyone, including the bookmakers.  In the UK our legislation is allowing the bookmakers to be lazy.

WEALTH WARNING: This lazy behaviour is hindering the potential of your business and the sport itself.

Punters need a dream; that dream is a chance to win.  Off-course bookmakers have taken that dream away.  ‘Justice for Punters’ is not asking for a massive dream, just a £500 minimum liability on ‘singles’ for every customer, not the present 67p if you’re lucky.  After all, it’s what bookmaking is about: Having and taking a bet.

Have a watch, then retweet and/or post on Facebook.  Feel free.



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