Gambling consumer rights are changing: FACT

We’re delighted to present two cases that outline how far gambling consumer rights have changed since ‘Justice for Punters’ was launched.  Both cases concluded this week (first week in August 2017).

The first case concerns the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (IBAS) (the main arbitration service for gambling disputes).  In the past IBAS has been criticised frequently for how it is has applied general consumer law, i.e. it often didn’t.  This case shows how that has changed and how customers can look forward to an arbitration service that more accurately reflects UK law.

IBAS adjudication

The second case concerns a service launched on August 1st 2017; namely ‘Resolver’ (, so only four days ago.

The UK Gambling Commission following their report: ( that concluded the present arbitration services were not working for consumers has told all gambling operators they licence that they must sign-up to ‘Resolver’ an independent, free tool to help consumers raise and resolve issues.

This case had been going nowhere for quite a period of time.  The customer was being messed about by the gambling company.  You will recognise the identity issues if you bet or gamble online.  It is very, very positive that the company paid the customer the money he was owed within 24 hours of the dispute being registered at ‘Resolver’.

‘Resolver’ strikes for the customer immediately

If you believe that ‘Justice for Punters’ has made a positive contribution to these changes occurring (there will be more) the only help we ever ask from people is for them to sign-up as a member.  This is free and we never share your name or email address with anyone.  All you need to do is send an email to: with ‘Free membership’ written in the subject line.  We will respond and confirm your membership.

We look forward to your email.



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