A ‘Resolver’ case: Probably the first

Many gamblers have experienced this, may be not quite as bad, e.g. asking for a lawyer to sign documents; but thousands of people have suddenly found that they need to supply more ID.  This seems only to happen when a customer wins and tries to withdraw money, it never seems to happen when a customer is losing, even if this amounts to six or seven figures.


For years now the whole ID system has been a joke.  A very good idea that aimed to reduce under-age gambling and lower crime associated with gambling.  But, as usual, the big corporate gambling companies seem to have ruined a good idea by using the guidelines for their own commercial purposes.

This customer was being messed about in the usual way, i.e. more and more ID documents and a refusal by the company to pay the money he was owed.

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Have a read of the last paragraph on page 1 and the second paragraph on page 2 again.  It was just about you continuing to play, we were going to pay you (now ‘Resolver’ is involved), even though we weren’t before they got involved.  You couldn’t make it up.

There is a page 3, but it just repeats the company’s needs for more and more documents before the customer can play again.  I doubt the customer is bothered now the 5-6K owed has been sent to the relevant bank account.

This fast ‘about turn’ by a gambling company perhaps suggests that things have now changed; literally from this week?


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