Betting slip restrictions

This is a sensational way of not closing customer accounts.  Perhaps an email has already being sent outlining that a customer (punter) is no longer able to use a company’s promotions, e.g. best odds guaranteed or freebets (or perhaps not)?  Either way, the punter logs-in wanting to get their fiver, tenner, whatever, on a selection they have analysed (or not); but probably have, as ‘mugs’ don’t get bets turned down.  They click on the horse’s name or the football team’s name, whatever, enter their bet size and this happens:









So, when the PR spokesperson tells you that it is only professional punters who get their accounts restricted (not closed in these cases, but useless – very clever), once again, they are being a little loose with the truth.  Most of these betting slips show that the bets attempted were for £20.00 or under, and some of the bet offers in pence.  These are from companies who are making hundreds of millions every year and bankrupting some other people (taking their home; everything).

Is this’ fair and open’?  Perhaps as a non-gambler, is this what you thought bookmakers were allowed to do?  If you check Twitter and other social media you can see screen-grabs like these everyday; we are not making it up.

We think it is pure greed.  The regulators think it is all OK.  Remember they are supposed to look after the customer (punter) – ho, ho, ho, laughed Father Christmas.



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