A gambling company won’t pay me for a specific or group of bets

Email or letter to ask for payment of a specific or group of bets


Your full address

Email address

Tel. No.

(insert name), CEO

(insert company)

(insert full address, including postcode)




NB: If the company is based outside the UK you may want to use email?  The same layout is fine.  A good place to look for any email address is  Google will inform for a postal address and CEO names.




Delayed payment of winnings 

I have an online account with (insert company); username – (insert username).

I’ve tried to withdraw (some/all – delete as appropriate) of the money (insert exact amount if you wish), which is being withheld from me without good reason.

I’ve contacted your customer services on a number of occasions and they are very unhelpful.  Nobody will tell me why I have to wait so long and why additional security checks are required. After over (insert period of time) I still don’t know where my money is and what’s going on.  All your staff will tell me is that I have to be patient.  Your staff have refused to provide a time frame and their list of excuses for not accepting proof of my identity is verging on the ridiculous.

The following is very applicable to my situation:

(Insert any other relevant details of your case).

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that bets taken in the UK are legally enforceable.  This means that a UK licensed gambling company has to provide evidence why it is not paying an amount won on a bet or series of bets.  Your staff can be as obstructive as they like, but the reality is that (enter name of company) will have to provide said evidence.

I do hope you can ensure a quick resolution to this situation.

I look forward to hearing from you in the next seven days or I will begin to consider escalating the matter to the relevant regulator, your ADR and/or the small claims court. Clearly a complaint to an ADR is likely to cost your company money and a legal claim even more.

Yours sincerely,


(insert your name) (insert your username)


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