No risk gambling for bookies

risk combined

The dream of the modern off-course bookmaking industry.  The industry only wants punters who use gambling products where they know losing is a certainty, e.g. casino products online & fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).  This is not what bookmaking licences are for!

The industry’s continual PR makes you think it’s no risk for the punter: It’s a massive risk if you read the world research about the most addictive gambling products and media coverage of gambling related crime.

It’s time the regulators made bookmakers fulfill their licences correctly.  They are licensed to make a ‘book’ based on each event they offer bets on and should be forced to take bets with a minimum risk of £500.00 from every customer on any event or have their licences withdrawn.  A ‘book’ means that bookmakers may lose on occasions; they are not just  operators of gambling machines with a fixed percentage guaranteed win.

Tell your MP.  Tell the regulators. Campaign.  They do OK without pushing everyone towards guaranteed losses.  They should be made to take bets on sports were there is some risk.