BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, Miracle movies, Gamblers’ rights, WeRe Bank

“Gamblers’ rights” BBC Radio 4, ‘You and Yours’ consumer programme, features ‘Justice for Punters’ again.  This time they discuss unfair terms and conditions used by bookmakers, which infringe the Consumer Act (2015).  These unfair T&Cs are used to stop people having a bet, if they are deemed good at gambling and even refusing to pay…

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BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, Shampoo and set, Horseracing, Fraud

“Horseracing” ‘You and Yours’ the long running BBC Radio 4 consumer programme features off-course bookmakers not taking bets.  Yes, the bookmakers do refuse bets from just about anyone who tries hard.  Modern online bookmakers decline bets from those they don’t deem as big or potential big losers every day.  The regulator and government do nothing…

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