The strange case of four corners and a guide dog

When betting online with traditional sportsbooks, those very rare, genuine old style punters who win and those who show a betting style that they may win know the consequences – stake restricted accounts; £50 bets become £5 or even 5p bets. For those determined enough this has led to a daily game of ‘hide and…

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Twitter poll on private data deletion

If a bookie restricts your account, which choice is most commonly quoted for the retention of your data due to UK law & regulation?   Answers: 10% 3 years 24% 5 years 36% 7 years 30% 10 years Thank you to everyone who voted on this important topic. J4P’s experience is 5 years, but the…

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More bookmaker ‘theft’ from punters

Have a look at this Twitter feed. Absolute disgrace and loads of bookmakers are at it. Bombard the UK Gambling Commission ( and the Association of British Bookmakers ( with the link, including your thoughts and feelings by email. More theft from punters  

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